What is it? and how will it benefit my horse?

A new year brings new treatment options at Mt. Laramie Veterinary Services! We have added PulseVet Shockwave therapy to our toolbox to help with many different problems in the horse.

“Shock wave is a noninvasive, high-energy sound wave treatment commonly used in human and veterinary medicine. It helps to relieve pain, speed healing, and improve quality of healing – all without the need for sedation. Shock wave can help to speed the healing of soft tissue injuries, manage chronic pain for up to a year, and improve both mobility and performance. Only PulseVet’s shock wave technology is backed by more than a decade of clinical research proving its efficacy.” Taken from the Zomedica PulseVet website.

Shockwave therapy can be used alone or in combination with other treatments to increase their effectiveness. Most horses will need 2-3 treatments, 2 weeks apart to see the full benefits of shockwave therapy. The treatment can be repeated as needed. Please visit this website: https://pulsevet.zomedica.com/pet-parents/ to learn more about shockwave therapy and give our office a call to discuss if this would be beneficial for your horse! 951-444-1838



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