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My wife, Cathy, was distraught, to say the least.  “She’s my favorite chicken, something’s wrong, she’s dying,” she cried.  “Perfect,” I thought, as I placed the coals neatly in the Weber.  I hadn’t had a beer-can chicken for ages, and suddenly I had the craving.  Already almost tasting my favorite culinary delight, the situation began to deteriorate as a truck raced up the road and slid into the driveway in a cloud of dust; it was Dr. Lindsay Crowley.

“You’re kiddin’ me: a vet?  For a chicken?  Really?” I said, as my wife raced out to intercept Dr. Crowley at her truck.  Faster than a beagle on a bunny, Cathy whisked her away to the chicken coop where a brief consultation took place with more cackling than is usually heard from the coop.  In a scene out of one of those disaster movies, Dr. Crowley emerged from the coop with her patient dangling upside-down and rushed toward me.  Stopping at the picnic table, Dr. Crowley laid my dinner on its back in her lap, as she reached into a bag.  The chicken, eyes closed and motionless, was obviously deceased.  I fired up the coals.

“Cool,” I thought, as she pulled out some sort of fancy knife-type implement thingy, “She’s going to clean it for me.”  I raced into the house to grab a beer, the main ingredient required for the afore mentioned beer-can chicken.  I popped the top, took a swig, and returned outside to an unmentionable horror.  Cathy and Dr. Crowley were hugging as my chicken dinner was nonchalantly walking away, pecking at the ground, as if nothing had happened.  EPILOG:  The next day, Cathy’s hen laid an egg.  Beer can scrambled eggs?  I may have discovered something?

DSC_0499Kathe Smothers – Horse Trainer


Mt. Laramie Veterinary Services and Lindsay Crowley DVM are very professional, compassionate and understanding of their clients needs.  Dr. Crowley has a compassion for the animals and an understanding of her clients needs both medically and monetarily  that I very much appreciate.

Dr. Crowley does an excellent job of creating a relationship with the animals prior to treatment which helps the animals trust her as she is working with them.  Dr. Crowley has an excellent understanding of her profession and is an excellent diagnostician.  She has worked with some of my horses who are BLM mustangs.  My one mare is not handled much and Dr. Lindsay was able to use her soft quiet manner to begin the diagnose without even haltering the horse.  I was very impressed with the relationship  she created with her.

Dr. Crowley is a excellent Veterinarian with a heart of gold.  I can really say she cares about the animals and their health and wellbeing.  I highly recommend Dr. Crowley and Mt. Laramie Veterinary Services.  I am very grateful Dr. Crowley set up her practice in the Anza Valley.  The Valley is a better place because of Dr. Crowley’s Veterinary Practice.

Thank you Dr.Crowley.



Linda Tulley
and Gracie Goat
My goat, Gracie injured herself after normal vet hours on a Friday night.  I wasn’t sure if it was broken but I knew she was in pain.  I first called my own Large Animal Vet who has tended to my horse for the last two years.  Yes their message states they are a Large Animal practice only, but given my history with them I thought I would at least get a call back, as a courtesy, assist me with a dosage of the Banamine I purchased from them, and maybe a referral.  After two calls, I received no call back.  I then tried 2 local vets in my area, Fallbrook, and didn’t get a call back either.  I tried my small animal emergency here in Temecula only to be told they don’t see goats……Really…..to me she’s one of the pack living among dogs.
Frustrated beyond words, approaching 9pm I phoned a dear friend who lives in Aguanga for advice, she offered to call her vet for words of encouragement.  To my amazement, I received a call from Dr. Lindsay Crowley of Mt. Laramie Vet Services within 5 MINUTES.  She told me how to administer pain meds and agreed to drive to FALLBROOK (30 miles plus) to see my goat.
After being treated By Dr. Crowley, Gracie is healing and feeling great.  No broken bone, but an infection so thank you so much for the antibiotics she couldn’t have recovered without.
You went above and beyond to help me, a complete stranger, but you now have a new customer for life.  I cannot Thank you enough and appreciate your compassion for animals and animal owners.  My worst nightmare has a happy ending because of you.

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